# Introduction

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Discordeno is a Third Party Deno Library for interacting with the Discord API.

# Why should you use Discordeno?

  • Best TypeScript Support
  • Stable Library
  • Easy to use Boilerplates
  • Security
  • Built in Documentation
  • Minimalistic
  • Functional API
  • Latest and Greatest JavaScript
  • Actively Maintained!

# Read me first...

Discordeno is cool right? You could make the next big bot! Who knows, but before we get right into developing our Bot. We want to get started with learning the basics...

You've seen how amazing Discord Bots are built and functioned! So beginning with Discordeno always starts with learning the TypeScript and/or JavaScript programming languages first. Making a Discord bot with very little knowledge is possible, it can be a challenge! You may end up dealing with Console errors or just syntax typographical errors...

If you are new to Discordeno, TypeScript or JavaScript, here are some great resources:

There is always more resources... Take your time and don't fret! Come back when you are ready, we can't wait to see what your Discordeno created bot does!